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Does the job in a great way

I like the user experience. Especially the bar code scanner.

Lost years of favorites with update!!

Brutal update ignoring basic software development principles wiping out years of history. Functionality isnt much better as well just flashier and clunkier. One star is mandatory to get review posted

Bad upgrade!!!

All favourites are gone, why?

Prettier but less functional

The new update is garbage. It looks very nice but the functionality is atrocious. It has trouble finding stores, you cant search products by store (it just shows you LCBOs entire network of options). Used to like using the app often to find stuff at local LCBOs when I was out of town. Now its a piece of useless garbage that cant even find its own locations properly.

Update sucks

This update search engine sucks. The older version was easier to use and finding product at stores was better than this version. What a pain to check each store for availability. The web version is better. Why bother updating?

Nice app update ...

But we all want to buy in the app! When is that coming.


I had saved years of my favourites to the previous version and lost it all when I updated. Huge disappointment. It should have been a warning in the update info. Very inconsiderate of the developer.

Sophisticated and easy to use!

Love the update and the ability to centralize search for products from my favourite store - Looks and feels sleek. I made an account so all my favourites were saved!

Cleared existing favourites!

Installing the new version of the LCBO app clears your existing favourites!!! Now that one bottle of wine I had stored from a year ago that I want to try again is gone and my memory is poor! Any thoughts on how to regain the data?

New update sucks!

Just great! The LCBO has brought all the problems of their website to their app. Its not user friendly (making priority on nearest location than on price or name). It took a while to find the correct filter, but then it resets itself when you adjust the search. Bring back the old version.

Deleted all my favourites!

I am sad. My favourites have been deleted by this update. This update also forces you to create an account to add favourites again.

Someone should be fired

What a crap app the new version wiped my favourites but now I get to create an account and reads them? Fire the TPM that made that decision.

So annoying

As other said it sucks to lose all your favs. Its the only thing I liked about it was it kept all my favourite bottles and now I have to build that up again. They should find a way to migrate for everyone as it is really a key feature. I wont use this at all until they provide an update. Useless!


The new app may be glamorous, but it eliminates the most important function with no apparent way of getting it back. All of the favourites have disappeared without giving anyone a chance to back them up before updating. The LCBO should have offered a new option after upgrading to import them into a LCBO account. Ill be switching to a new wine app which doesnt delete my favourites for an update.

0 products ?

The updated app frankly sucks. Search features aweful. And items still listed wrong. Worst app update yet !

Older one was way better.

I used the old app all the time and it was so easy to find products. Now when simply searching a brand it brings up only limited products. It listed only one brand when the store carries three brands. Searching stores for me when I type in London Ontario brings up all the stores in Waterloo. So disappointed with the update.

Bye Bye Favourites

All my saved Favourites are now gone with the new LCBO app. Typical monopoly. No regard or interest in the customers experience. Very disappointing.


Where did all of my favourites that Ive been collecting for over a year go???? Not cool LCBO! Dont trust product availability info - the staff have told me numerous times that its not updated frequently - I tracked through 3 towns/4 LCBOs a wine, the app said they had the product when in fact they (the 4 LCBO stores I visited) did not have the product the app indicated they had. Super frustrating & now their update has erased my saved wines without notice - epic #fail LCBO :( #badbooze

New app = hot mess

Too focused on what stores are open at this very moment. Inventory was way off. No way does my store carry 30,000 bottles of any particular wine.

Beware, deletes all your favorites.

BS that you couldnt at least tell us LCBO that the upgrade would delete all your favorites. 3 years and 50 favorites, gone. Then I have to give an email to start again? Cant wait to buy wine in the grocery stores.

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